• Art is your favorite special in school, but one art class a week isn’t enough!
  • Your parents don’t know where you get your creative talent from, but they want to find someone who can help you grow as an artist.
  • You want a fun birthday party where you and your friends can make beautiful canvas paintings to take home!



  • You can’t fit art into your rotating school schedule, and you need to be creative!
  • You want to hang out with a few friends and try something new, like tie-dye, stop-motion animation, or origami.
  • You love the idea of attending a themed painting party just for teens!



  • You love making things and want to experiment with different materials, but you don’t know where to start.
  • You’d like to spend time with close friends chatting and making no-pressure art.
  • You keep putting off that next creative project, and you need some art time NOW!