adventures in cartooning

Hello all you ARTSi folks out there! I’m finally taking the plunge and writing a blog. After obsessing at length over how to create the perfect opening sentence and coming up empty, I decided to just start writing.

This blog will be a place for me to share my journey as an artist and teacher, post about things I am super excited about, and connect with local creative families- like yours!

This past Wednesday I had the pleasure of teaching the first ever Adventures in Cartooning Class! An awesome group of artists ages 6-12 joined me for a fun hour of drawing.

We started out with a step-by-step minion drawing and then brainstormed ideas for fun characters of our own! From a polka-dot rainbow unicorn to a minion dog to a ferocious spiky chicken, ideas were flying as these cartoonists-in-training got busy! 

Next week I begin teaching Adventures in Cartooning 6-week sessions in Long Valley and Mendham Township. I can’t wait to see what characters my new classes come up with. Their comic books will be amazing!

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