As families celebrate graduations and the end of another school year, we are busy gearing up for an exciting and art filled summer at ARTSi Studio!

On June 28, a crew of happy artists joined us for our Summer Fun Painting Party. Each artist painted a crab beach painting and they all did an amazing job!

Our Art Camp for Creative Kids begins July 10th and we have three awesome weeks to choose from: Art Explorers, Master Artists, and Art Safari. Choose your favorite week and register- WE STILL HAVE SPACE available! Click here for more info.

Mark July 12th on your calendar…Our EXPLORE: Kids workshop series is coming up soon! Filled with exciting art explorations for children ages 5-12, artists can try glitter art, sculpture, stop-motion animation, printmaking, and painting in the dark! Sign up for one or all of the workshops. Save your spot soon- these are filling quickly! Click here to register.

We can’t wait to see you in the studio this summer!!




‘Twas the 10th of December in a small Jersey town,
And excited young artists were hopping around. They knew that soon within a short drive, At a painting party they were to arrive.

The easels were placed on the tables with care, And blue ARTSi smocks draped on each chair. Children entered the studio with smiles on their faces, Greeted their friends and found their places.

They picked up their brushes, ready to start, Practiced their brushstrokes and began to make art. Mixing the colors and rinsing each brush, The artists were busy but made sure not to rush.

As their paintbrushes danced to and fro, Outside the window it started to snow! With blue and white paint, snowman began to appear. This Winter Wonderland party was filled with good cheer!

What a festive occasion painting with friends, But alas, the party had come to an end. Finished paintings in hand, the artists grew louder. As they posed for a photo they couldn’t be prouder!

If you think this party sounded like fun, We hope to see you at the next one. To artists of all ages, far and near… Have an ARTSi Holiday and a Creative New Year!




As November comes to a close, I’d like to take this moment to say Thank You!

Last spring I embarked on this crazy adventure of starting a small business, unsure of what the future may bring… Numerous birthdays, painting parties, and art classes later, I am happy to say that ARTSi Studio is going strong!

Our Winter Wonderland Painting Party on December 10th sold out quickly, so we are now offering an evening time slot. 

We now have a local venue to hold our classes and events! The Long Valley Arts/Teen Center has the perfect studio space for our children’s classes and painting parties.

Winter Session Registration opens on December 1st for classes in drawing, painting, collage, origami and sculpture. I am finalizing details for upcoming adult workshops and FREE events as well!

I really appreciate the enthusiastic and positive feedback from all of the parents, families, and young artists who have participated in my ARTSi Studio classes or events. I feel privileged to be able spend my time with such creative kids!


The first ARTSi Studio Comic Con was a grand success!

Yesterday evening, students arrived to class VERY excited about their BIG event. They spent the first half of class added finishing touches to their comic books and preparing Comic Con posters and Meet the Artist sheets. Finally it was time to set up. 

Each artist got their station ready, laying out all their sketches and displaying their comic books. It was a flurry of activity! All the proud cartoonists stood ready for their fans to arrive. 

The guests poured in and fanned out around the room. Photos were snapped all around and the artists answered questions about their work. Family and friends were duly impressed by their creativity and originality. As I passed out ARTSi totes for the kids to take their work home in, one boy exclaimed, “Is the Comic Con ending already?!”

These young artists worked very hard for six weeks on their original comic book stories and it showed. The process wasn’t always easy, but they kept at it. Our cartooning class was even featured in the local newspaper! (article)

Thank you everyone for making the first Adventures in Cartooning class such an inspiring experience! Keep on creating!


I can’t believe it’s been over a week since my first Surprise Birthday Painting Party!

On a clear Friday evening, I arrived at the birthday household to set up. Mom checked that every detail was in place, as the girls trickled in. Minutes before the birthday girl was to arrive, we gathered in the front room facing the door. The curtains were drawn, the dog was quieted, and Mom’s camera was in hand. I was even asked to move my car next door so the birthday girl would not suspect a thing!

I stood at the ready with the girls, their phones poised to capture the exact moment. The excitement was building. After a few false alarms and muffled squeals, we finally heard Bella approaching. We held our breath, listened to the footsteps, watched as the door slowly opened…and screamed “SURPRISE!!” In a split second, the birthday girl was enveloped by a hug of laughing, jumping, talking, photo snapping friends. Bella was genuinely surprised and oh so happy!

Now it was time to begin painting. The girls took their places at the easels, followed my lead, and raised their brushes. Brushstrokes of color filled their canvases. A grassy savannah, a setting sun, and elephants appeared one by one. They compared paintings, cheered on their neighbors, and worked through the details. What an awesome job was done by all!

After this creative whirlwind, the girls had pizza and tacos, presented Bella with their birthday gifts, and then it was time for cake! The party ended with an impromptu dance party, a group photo, and the girls taking their gorgeous paintings home. I love my job!


The Adventures in Cartooning 6-week session is off to a great start! This past week I had a blast teaching a full class of 20 artists in Long Valley and a group of 12 in Mendham Township. 

For the first class, we drew inspiration from a yellow sponge (I’m sure you know him!) and discussed character development, setting, and plot. The students brainstormed and sketched their awesome ideas.

What a variety of comic book characters they are developing! Character ideas can come from anywhere… from your best friend or your pet chickens or even a hot-dog shaped pencil case!

Next week we begin storyboarding and drawing our actual comic book pages. Can’t wait!


adventures in cartooning

Hello all you ARTSi folks out there! I’m finally taking the plunge and writing a blog. After obsessing at length over how to create the perfect opening sentence and coming up empty, I decided to just start writing.

This blog will be a place for me to share my journey as an artist and teacher, post about things I am super excited about, and connect with local creative families- like yours!

This past Wednesday I had the pleasure of teaching the first ever Adventures in Cartooning Class! An awesome group of artists ages 6-12 joined me for a fun hour of drawing.

We started out with a step-by-step minion drawing and then brainstormed ideas for fun characters of our own! From a polka-dot rainbow unicorn to a minion dog to a ferocious spiky chicken, ideas were flying as these cartoonists-in-training got busy! 

Next week I begin teaching Adventures in Cartooning 6-week sessions in Long Valley and Mendham Township. I can’t wait to see what characters my new classes come up with. Their comic books will be amazing!