‘Twas the 10th of December in a small Jersey town,
And excited young artists were hopping around. They knew that soon within a short drive, At a painting party they were to arrive.

The easels were placed on the tables with care, And blue ARTSi smocks draped on each chair. Children entered the studio with smiles on their faces, Greeted their friends and found their places.

They picked up their brushes, ready to start, Practiced their brushstrokes and began to make art. Mixing the colors and rinsing each brush, The artists were busy but made sure not to rush.

As their paintbrushes danced to and fro, Outside the window it started to snow! With blue and white paint, snowman began to appear. This Winter Wonderland party was filled with good cheer!

What a festive occasion painting with friends, But alas, the party had come to an end. Finished paintings in hand, the artists grew louder. As they posed for a photo they couldn’t be prouder!

If you think this party sounded like fun, We hope to see you at the next one. To artists of all ages, far and near… Have an ARTSi Holiday and a Creative New Year!