I can’t believe it’s been over a week since my first Surprise Birthday Painting Party!

On a clear Friday evening, I arrived at the birthday household to set up. Mom checked that every detail was in place, as the girls trickled in. Minutes before the birthday girl was to arrive, we gathered in the front room facing the door. The curtains were drawn, the dog was quieted, and Mom’s camera was in hand. I was even asked to move my car next door so the birthday girl would not suspect a thing!

I stood at the ready with the girls, their phones poised to capture the exact moment. The excitement was building. After a few false alarms and muffled squeals, we finally heard Bella approaching. We held our breath, listened to the footsteps, watched as the door slowly opened…and screamed “SURPRISE!!” In a split second, the birthday girl was enveloped by a hug of laughing, jumping, talking, photo snapping friends. Bella was genuinely surprised and oh so happy!

Now it was time to begin painting. The girls took their places at the easels, followed my lead, and raised their brushes. Brushstrokes of color filled their canvases. A grassy savannah, a setting sun, and elephants appeared one by one. They compared paintings, cheered on their neighbors, and worked through the details. What an awesome job was done by all!

After this creative whirlwind, the girls had pizza and tacos, presented Bella with their birthday gifts, and then it was time for cake! The party ended with an impromptu dance party, a group photo, and the girls taking their gorgeous paintings home. I love my job!